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Vision & Aims

3 Year Vision

  • To use data analysis to continually challenge and improve our teaching and learning.
  • To raise our nursery profile within the Baldock Community through forging closer links with playgroups, schools and other groups and organisations.
  • To endeavour to meet the government expectations to provide extended provision for those children eligible to at tend the nursery and their families.
  • To work with other schools in Baldock and the surrounding villages to support the Extended Schools’ Agenda and the Children’s Centre.
  • To continue to focus on children’s positive strengths, which enable them to experience success and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To maintain the nursery practice of inclusion for all children.
  • To implement the Early Years Foundation Stage, Every Child Matters and Change for Children Strategy throughout the Nursery Curriculum.
  • To encourage and support all members of staff with their professional development.

Aims of the Nursery

  • To ensure that the time spent at Weston Way Nursery School is a happy and enriching experience for every child.
  • To provide high quality early years’ education through an all-encompassing, developmentally appropriate curriculum in a well planned environment, staffed by suitably qualified professionals.
  • To establish an atmosphere of friendly co-operation where each child can feel safe and secure and can develop the self-confidence to work individually or in a group.
  • To celebrate individuality and develop each child’s potential, whilst ensuring that the equality of opportunity is always provided.
  • To welcome parents and promote an open partnership with them and other carers.
  • To maintain and build upon the good links with local pre-school providers and with our linked primary schools.
  • To strive to meet the needs of the families and their children in the local community, offering a widening range of extended provision.