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Vision, Aims & Values

Our Weston Way Nursery Vision

Our Nursery vision is to have a ‘Home from Home’ feel, where as a family, we play, learn and grow in our journey  together, shaping the future.

Our Weston Way Nursery Aims

We believe that through our aims, our children will be able to build strong foundations building on the past, living in the present and preparing them for the  future.

Be Happy

Happiness: Smiling from within where children feel safe and secure

Take Opportunities

Opportunities: Exploring a World of possibilities

Make Magical moments

Magical moments: ‘WOW’ creating long-lasting memories

Cherish Engagement

Engagement: Rich learning encounters every step of the way

Our Weston Way Nursery Values

Our nursery values underpin our daily practice with every unique child at the heart of everything we do.  British Values align to these ensuring we are preparing our children to be citizens of our future.