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Gallery - Events 2016 - 2017

Grandparents Day in the sunshine, 26th May 2017


We had duck eggs...........................................................

There were 5 duck eggs in the incubator.

The children watched the developments and did observational drawings.

1 duckling hatched on Thursday,

and by Friday we had 5.

They loved swimming in the tuff spot in the morning,

and again in the afternoon.


As part of out 'Traditional Tales' topic, Rachel the Storyteller came to tell the story of The 3 Little Pigs



The Travelling Theatre Company perform 'The Gingerbread Man'

The old man and old lady were very sad not to have a little boy to play in their garden.

The old lady made a Gingerbread Man to live with them,

but when he was baked he ran away to find somewhere else to live, singing "run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man."

He met a cow who said he could live in the field with him, but the Gingerbread Man didn't want to live there.

The Gingerbread ran away again singing his song and met a horse. The horse gave him some hay and a carrot to eat, but the Gingerbread Man didn't like them.

He ran away again singing his song and met Celia the swan, she taught him how to swim, but The Gingerbread Man didnt want to live in a nest by the river.

He ran away again singing his song, but a fox was following him.

The fox invited him to his lair for dinner, but he really just wanted to eat him! The Gingerbread Man ran away again singing his song.

The Gingerbread Man ran home to his mummy and daddy who were really pleased to have him home.



The Gingerbread Man was sorry he had run away from home and they all had a party to celebrate being home together again.

The children helped to sing Old Macdonald had a farm......


Christmas Party Day Wednesday 21 December

After fun party games, we had a visit from Father Christmas as we ate our party food. We then did some singing before opening the presents that he had left for everyone.



Phil Perry entertains......



Christmas Pudding Day