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Working together to build and balance......



Looking for Superheroes in the woods.......

We made our own leaf hedgehog.

The Astronaut Tim Peake

took some rocket seeds into space,

we have now planted those seeds


and will be measuring them to see what happens.........


Pancake races!

As part of den building week,

the children worked together,

sharing ideas to make their dens.

Our new climbing frame arrived over the Easter Holidays 2015.

It has caused great excitement

and lots of new challenges.

These boys made a barbecue in the woods to cook their burgers and sausages.

The new roadway into the little woods is amazing!

The Stick throwing area is a great place to practise our throwing skills.


'Bedtime story'

Pit stop at the service station!

Carefully looking for bugs,

and recording what they find.

Experimenting to see what happens

when we put white carnations into

coloured water.



Our new outdoor sandpit......

caused great excitement,

and proved to be very popular!!

We hunted for interesting items in the woods

and the garden

to make our own outdoor pictures.

We made rangoli patterns as part of our Diwali celebrations,

and painted firework pictures to Beethovens 5th Symphony music.

Working together to measure and use comparative language.


Using tools to mark make in clay.

Making clay models, using natural resources that the children collected in the woods.

Using fine motor skills to make tiny features for their Playdoh person.


The mud kitchen.....

a little bit of mud and a drop of water......

make the best mud pies!
There's always something interesting to find in the woods.


The sun finally shone enough for us to paddle! .


Science Week- a week of being scientists and doing experiments!

We used salt to melt ice, and used pipettes to put colour into the melted channels.

When bicarbonate of soda is

mixed with white vinegar, it reacts to make a volcano!

Look what happens when we mixed Mentos with diet cola!

Our white carnations turned different colours when we added food colouring to the water.

We mixed colours to make new colours.


We carefully used real hammers and nails to make fantastic woodwork models.

We made transient art pictures using natural materials from the garden.


Bicycle for two ordered with our Sainsbury vouchers.

Working hard in the digging area and learning to use tools safely.

Baking day is Wednesday.

Working together to build a bus for an exciting day out!

Good balancing skills on the Asco

'In the office environment'

Making friends in the woods before flying to the moon.

Train to London!

X Factor comes to Weston Way Nursery!

Trainee mechanics.

Writing party invitations.

Party time.

Good listening skills.

Working creatively together.

The snow arrived unexpectedly!

There was a long queue for the sledges,

and the garden looked beautiful.

Wash day at Weston Way Nursery.

Story time at Forest School.

Showing an understanding of cause and effect when blowing bubbles.

Choosing colours for a particular purpose when using the painting easel.

Red and green group very proud after making up their own story.

The children have been planting

onions in the growing area,

then lovingly watered them and

encouraged them to grow!

We used wooden spoons to differentiate between sounds in the woods.

This is just one of the fantastic new musical instruments that we have bought with our Treasure Hunt fundraiser.

The customers at the hairdressers seemed pleased with the results!

"Going anywhere nice for your holidays?"

Working together to make a 'home to school map'.
One of our three new wigwams

We have done planting inside,

and learnt what the plants need to grow.

Everyone worked as a team to build and contruct with the pipes and balls.

We made the most of the first warm weather,

with storytime outside being

very popular!

The police station became a fire station,

with good drivers for the fire engine,

and lots of brave firefighters.

Lunch for all!

The girls worked together to paint 'Harry' for a Harry and the dinosaur display.

We cut up a variety of common and exotic fruits.
These boys spent a long time carefully constructing this masterpiece.


We can make BIG bubbles!

The Weston Way cafe has been very popular!

With everyone taking their turns to be customers and waiting staff.



New friendships are made whilst working out how to make a golf ball roll quicker.

The children are learning to imitate and create movement in response to music.

It gets very busy at the 'Weston Way Garage!'


the 'vets.'

post office
and at the 'post office!'

Showing a good understanding of heavier/lighter and the same.

blue group
We chose a variety of resources and media to create our 'blue' pictures.

Practising our Chinese writing at Chinese New Year.

'Lunch is served'.

Beware dinosaurs crossing!!

Investigating cooked pasta.

We all became performers after our visit to Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

theatre theatre

story teller
The 'Story Tellers Chair'.

With very appreciative audiences.

Experimenting with cornflour, we could make it go from a liquid, to a solid and back to a liquid again.


The children have enjoyed the

stories from the corridor displays with Mrs. Sharp.

The morning children had a football taster session,


which was so successful we are going to incorporate it into our curriculum.

We mixed mud and water to make mudpies!

mudplay house
The outdoor playhouse has been totally revamped and the children have enjoyed all the new resources...

washing line
including doing all the washing!

We have all benefitted from a course of football from an excellent outdoor agency.
We have all learnt new skills and games.

Increasing our Knowledge and Understanding by looking how water freezes, then melts again.

New receptionists at the baby clinic.

The new children are enjoying their first experiences of an Interactive Whiteboard.

The new trucks with the 3D shapes have been very popular.


The children water painted everything in the garden!

Everyone has enjoyed the outdoor reading area,

and we have had some fantastic dancing and music making outside!

We mixed red and yellow paint with our hands to make a new colour.

Shaving foam is great for exploring texture and encourages early writing skills.

Each colour group worked together to construct an amazing model.

Working together to design and build.

Experimenting with musical instruments to explore the sounds they make.

Gaining good skills by getting the beanbags through the shapes.

Who's that trip trapping across our new troll bridge?

Our fantastic new balancing equipment is providing some great challenges.....

weaving in and out of the poles as the gradient gets higher...

and crossing the wibbly, wobbly bridge.

All the children have had a 90 minute forest school experience this term.

Working in double colour groups, they have had the opportunity construct, use sticks and make mud pies.

They have searched for mini beasts,

and finished off with a story outside or in the Tee pee.

The new I pads have been a source of fascination for both children and staff.

The programmable Bee Bots are encouraging discussion on position and direction.

Making the most of the good weather with a story outside,

and the rain finally stopped and the sun shone enough to have the paddling pool open.

Camping under the tarpaulin!

Joining in with our favourite songs whilst showing an interest in the way musical instruments sound.

The new wooden train arrived in the summer of 2012 ready to embark on all sorts of imaginative journeys.

Snack time is a good time to share experiences and reflect on the days activities.

Having the confidence to choose a friend take their turn in a ring game.

Lots of 'Captains' in the new pirate ship.

We found lots of hidden shapes in the woods.

The roleplay library was very relaxed and informal environment!


The torches in the blackout tent were fun on pyjama day.

We can independently make books, cards and write lists using a variety of media in the writing area.

Its always good fun when somebody's mummy comes in to play a game with us.

The Peekboo game is a great game for building up confidence and friendships.