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Extended Provision

Ofsted Registration no: ED 117 065

Provisions available at Weston Way Nursery School are as follows:

  • Early morning Drop Off Club.
  • Silver Circles.
  • After school clubs.

If places are available children can have additional sessions to those booked in all extended provision. Places must be booked in person to ensure we are able to accommodate requests There is a daily charge for each club. See Mrs Dymoke or e-mail on Extended@westonway.herts.sch.uk

Early morning Drop Off Club.

  • Children can attend the session from 8.00 - 9.00am, prior to the start of their usual nursery session.
  • Children will be greeted at the door by a member of staff and a register taken.
  • They will have the opportunity to play with a variety of carpet activities and access the garden area, weather permitting.

Silver Circles

  • Silver circles is the name we give to the provision that wraps around a child’s usual nursery session. It is available daily and operates in the morning and during the afternoon through until 5.00pm.
  • During silver circles the children have the opportunity to work co-operatively in small groups engaged in turn taking games, construction and small world play, making new friendships and reinforcing those made during their usual nursery session.
  • Silver circle sessions run for a 3 and a half hour period and are pre-bookable as with all extended provisions available at the nursery. However, we try to meet the individual needs of our families and so are able to offer some flexibility.

After School Clubs

  • We offer Forest School and Football Club on a regular basis, these are run by professional outside agencies.
  • As well as these, various members of staff run Music Club, Creative Kids and Food for fun.
  • We also offer Playscheme Scheme for a certain number of days during the summer holidays and each half term.
  • The clubs run after school once a week, for a period of five or six weeks.
  • There is a weekly charge for the clubs from the agencies running them, the school does not benefit from any of the funds raised, but provides the clubs to enhance the children’s learning and development.

Comments from parents whose children have accessed extended provision

  • “I feel very comfortable about my child being able to cope at lunchtimes when she moves on to primary school as her eating skills have improved.”
  • “It has enabled me to return to work knowing my child is well cared for and having fun.
  • “Keep up the fantastic work we love it!”

Children accessing any extended provision provided by Weston Way Nursery School will be looked after and cared for to the same high standard as during their nursery session. All members of staff are experienced early years practitioners hold relevant qualifications and have Criminal Record Background checks. To ensure smooth transitions and continuity between sessions, many of the same staff are involved throughout the whole day.

All extended provisions are available to all children accessing the nursery school. Occasionally, and if the availability is there, children can sometimes access the provisions if their parents have chosen to stay with other day-care providers.
All provisions are booked on a half-termly basis and fees calculated accordingly. Alternatively, and if there is availability, provisions can be accessed on an adhoc basis to give more flexibility.

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